Bisuko is a monster all right. Even Hana can’t beat him good. Well, this way, I think Shougo doesn’t look so bad. Bisuko is unbeatable!

But damn! How strong is he? That Bisuko. With this victory over Hana, I put Bisuko’s rank above his senpai, Kuzugami Tatsuo. The question is, is this mean Hana’s not stronger than Bouya? The fact is Bouya can beat Kuzugami Tatsuo, and Hana can’t beat Bisuko. From that fact, I think it’s okay to assume that Bouya is stronger than Hana.

Well! Fine by me. Bouya is a legend for me anyway. Besides, even though Hana lost vs. Bisuko, everyone’s already acknowledge his strength.

But this fact, IMO, increase Shougo’s rank. I mean, even Hana lost to Bisuko. So, Shougo isn’t that weak. There’s a possibility that Shougo’s on the same level… or even above Hana! Haha… I wish. But why not? That might be true.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. I don’t wanna ruin this chapter. I’ll write the full review after Banchou release the English version.